Monday, November 29, 2010

Its 29 November

Okay, now I am officially seventeen. Happy birthday to me. hahaha. hope everything is just gonna be fine for me. ngee :D

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Early in the morning or late in the night?

Its 1.56 am and Im not sleeping yet because just done doing my revision and some exercises for Mathematics and Additional Mathematics because I was told to do so by someone --' hahaha. thanks for the remembering me. tho I am totally exhausted because of unnecessary activities and wasting my precious time which I can do a lot of useful things instead of hanging out with my friends but I have to do some quick revision right? haha. I am so shocked that I've received a phone call from someone that I did aspect to get. hahaha. Raffy Raffy, too early to wish me birthday la. havent yet. hahaha. its okay at least you remember right? hahaha. today is sunday yesterday is saturday. I know you cant wait to finish all of the papers right but do not fast forward the time because I am still struggling to do my last revision for physics okay! hahaha. thanks btw for the phone call. its been a time that I didnt get an update about you. SPM right? I understand.

Talking about Physics, I am so weak in that subject. I dont know what to do. No interest at all. I dont know anything about physics but I've passed for all the exam in my school. hahaha. such a miracles. I hope Im doing great for Physics. Aminnnn! :D

Few hours to go then I am officially SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD! hahaha. I am sitting for my Mathematics papers on my birthday. Isnt it great? --' my mom say, wish that you will get A for Maths then for your birthday wish. Do I have to do that? I have a lot of wishes to be wish on my birthday such as I wish that I get what I want ALWAYS, I wish that my life is ALWAYS great, I wish that my bestfriends will ALWAYS stick together, I wish that I will get my license as soon as possible, I wish that Im doing great in what ever I do and so many moreeee. hahaha. Greedy isnt it? Do I care? Its nothing to do with you all :p

Talking nonsense early in morning to make my eyes sleepy but still.. my eyes is still fresh --' what should I do then? hahahahaha.thats all for today. Thank you :D

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Final Exam is finally here.

All Form 5 students is sitting for SPM starting from 23 November till 20 December 2010 and I am one of them. hmmmm. I admit that I am so freaking nervous! I do not study at all okay! hahaha. Its okay. When Im done with this matter then I am free enough and no longer label as a SCHOOL STUDENT! I dont know whether I should be happy or the other way! By the way, what ever it is DO WISH ME LUCKS YAH! ^.^

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Started to missing school :|

Hmm. eventhough for Form 5 students school are not over yet but its coming to end now. There will never be another second chance to study in the same school, same friends, same teachers, same memories and etc. Im gonna miss a lot of things that I ever done in my school. After Im done with my last paper, EST which is on the 15th December, I am not gonna sit on my white plastic chair, sleep on my table which wrapped with world map, gossiping with my friends, fighting with the boys in my class, learn to speaking in chinese with my chinese friends, rush to the canteen when it is recess time, sit at our besties usual table in the canteen, go to the Koperasi and get some winter melon drink, eat french fries + nasi lemak + chicken wings, laugh loudly when we make jokes until all of the people in the canteen suddenly silent and stare at us, walk together to the class, say goodbye when I reach my class, queue up when it time to go back home, stands in front of the school gate waiting for the car, teased by Zaid which have syndrome down and use my school uniform for sureeeeeee :(

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Maybe we are not perfect enough but we should just be yourself because that is the best. Maybe we can't satisfied everyone's feeling but do make the right the choice because you won't regret it. Maybe we can't get everything that we want but just be thankful with what we have because not everybody have what we have. Maybe sometime we make mistake but don't regret it because we learn from mistake.

SPM is coming.

Few days to go for SPM. hmm.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Stop with all those hater in your heart ♥

As a human, we cant stop to hate someone. same goes to me. if we can think clearly, there is no use to hate each other. I've think about this matter within this few months and I still cant figure out the main point why those clever students in my class cant stop to underestimate the other. your brain are well educated but your attitude is not. you all like to talk shit and make fun of the other. its just like you dont have any other jobs to do. I didn't say that you cant talk about someone but talking about someone that never disturb our life is so not okay. You are brave enough to do it then you should brave enough to get confronted with that person if they ask for your explanation. Don't be such a coward. Do not do something if you cant handle or face the consequence after you do it. be a responsible human which will finish the things that they started. come on lah. people, dont do something that will ruin your life :) easily, just say sorry and forgive someone right away. you wont lose anything. be positive all the time because that is the best you can be :D

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bodoh punya orang!

Sial betul saya punya adik! Gara gara dialah handphone saya kena rampas :| paloi. suka kacau hidup orang. lain kali jadi orang jangan suka pegang hak orang lain. tampar kepala baru tahu. erhhhhhh! STUPID! apakah terbawa handphone saya pergi sekolah. kalau dah tahu terbawa cuba off handphone itu dan simpan dalam beg. janganlah berlagak sangat tunjuk tunjuk handphone itu dengan kawan. kalau handphone itu kamu yang punya tidak apa juga. berlagak sangat sampai menyusahkan orang lain. memang buat saya sakit hati sahaja. tunggu sajalah kamu. saya balas dendam baru kamu tahu! madek lahhhhh --"

Monday, November 8, 2010


Hello! I knew it already! hahaha. another un-matured girls. if you do not like us just show it. you don't have to pretend and treat us like we are your friends. Secret can't be keep for a long time if you are sharing the secret with a wrong person. backstabber are everywhere and anywhere. they can exist as your enemies, neighbour and even your friends. so, better watch out if you wanna make friends. PALAT FRIENDS is all around the world. maybe your friends never betray you but you the one who betray them. that make you such a stupid person that ever live on this earth because you can't appreciate people who love and respect you. for those haters, I know who you are. I can feels the bad atmosphere when you are around. I can see through your eyes when you are staring at me. I can feels your heart is beating vigorously when Im having a good time with a special person. Now, nothing can brings me down because I think using my brain not like certain people who have been through SPM but acting like a children. I don't really get it. haiyaaaaaaa! get some banana bitch because you are just like a monkey when you acting that way! OPPSSSSYY! did I just say it? OMG! thats great. hahaha ;p

Sunday, November 7, 2010


semakin hairan dengan perangai ORANG ORANG itu. memang tarak guna punya! lu mok nganok agak agak laaaaaaa weii! mun BERANI glk agak la mkorgggg. pdh dpnnn dpnnn nok taorg ya sikpuas hati w mkorgg. mkorg tok sikpnahh pun gago dgnn masalah taorg yaaaaaa. SUDDENLY NOW SUMAAAA MOK BERBUNYI SAMPE BERGAMBAR FUCK FOR MY BESTFRIENDDDD. wowwwwww! amazinggg. dont you know that taking a picture for someone is like you appreciating that personn. take a look at mirror before you wanna talk shit about my friends. she have pimples is nothing to do with your life. I saw a huge one on your face and I just shut up because I know Im wasting my time to talk about your pimples. do you have a measuring tape? come, take some measurement on your body and my friend's body. WHO IS FATTERRRR! OBSESSION is a trouble you know. wasting your time, money, energy and emotion. if you have the chance to date the artist then I salute you and Im gonna lick your ass you know. all of you guys doing now is useless because they dont even know that you really exist on this earth! omggggg :O STUPID NEVER FINISH! come on la. hey girl, you better find some jobs to pay back all of your expenses that my friend's family have spend on you. you is just like SI TANGGANG! fuhhhhhh. people still can say HAI to you but you are giving a-piece-of-shit looks? such a great work! people out there, use your brain not your ass to think okay!

p/s : do leave your name when you comment in my friend's chatbox. Show some braveness in your actionnnn. we know who are you btw!