Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Today's Update

Today : 19 October 2010

PARAMORE'S CONCERT LIVE IN KUALA LUMPUR OKAY! hahaha *berangan nak pergi.forget it.

hmm.that's is not what I want to talk about. okay. back to the main topic. today, our teacher give back our exam papers. my Bahasa Melayu and Pendidikan Moral is 78% for both and the highest in the class! HAHAHA. OMG! siksangka gueeee. then the rest biasa biasa saja laaaaaaa.hahaha. my Sejarah is 54% then my mathematics is 72% -_____-" so low right. I am too careless. Stupid me! erhhhhh ##@$^&^%^*()(**%^%$#%$#%%&*(&*(^%^$%#

Monday, October 18, 2010

Tidak mengerti -.-'

Jadi orang jangan ego sangat. Hati orang lain tu considerlah sikit. Jangan ingat orang lain jak mok jaga hati kamu tu. Mana ada fair. Nama juga kawan. Tak kan lah mok putus kawan macam tu jak. hmmmm. If I am really not a good friend I wouldnt have to even think about this matter okay! I am not a BUSYBODY personnn. Im hurt by your words you know dude?!

Tidak pergi sekolah.

Today. 18 October I am not going to school because extreme headache and I am too lazy to go to school. hahaha. I know why Im having headache today that is because I sleep too much. I sleep from 8 pm till 11. haha. so what? up to me :P

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bila saya dah berpantun.


Ada cgek tong namany tong sampah, aku tauk taorg menyampah. Lagu tok liriknya ada MOVE MOVE, apa guna button remove? Kau ya nak alah alah, dh slh plh kdk cara orang salahhh. Kat merdeka mall ada corner koleksi hayati, jadi orang boh jaik hati!

Second :

Badan aku tok kepak,boh smpe aku ngerepak.Pemain badminton kita nama Lee Chong Wei,mun mok anok agak agak la wei.Abang ipar kakak ipar,iboh smpe mulut knk tampar.Orang gaji uncle aku nama Yaya,mulut aku kdk cibai tapi cibai gk mulut kau ya.Kat dapo ada garam ada cuka,mun siksuka pdh siksuka!Orang puteh pdh buku ya book,apa brg anok lam facebook.

Third :

Aku suka makan manok,ya la aku kuat nganok. Kinek org suka sebut tedah,mun jeles padah! Jalan dh terkangkang,boh nak anok belakang. Byk pokok rambutan nak dijolok,cermin drik lok. If muka dh kdk taik,mesti mulut jaik. Masak daun ubi boh lupak ngkah serai,mun sakit hati pergi parai! Minum aek teh pkey cawan,mkorg dh lmk... kawan. Kdey bata jual kasut,iboh jak la nak ngasut. Lagu dan sebenarnya lagu yuna,SIK ADA GUNAAA!

Fourth :

Saya tak suka makan kuih bahulu, kita tidak lagi seperti dahulu.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Terasa seperti tidk guna sahaja. Buang duit buang masa tambah dosa. hmmmmmmm. hairann. kalau mereka yang di layan macam ini mesti terus ngerepak. pttt. sangat tidak adil :|

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I can't wait

sabarrrr Charmaine sabarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


fuhhh~its been a tough week for me because our school having second trial for SPM. I am totally stressed out! OMG :O today is the last day and I am so happy :D ngeeeeee. but..SPM is just around the corner and I still *huhh.spm?chill laa* hahaha.silly me.what ever it is, I hope the-plan-we-plan become reality because I want to show to the person that I am not that weak okay! haha. LALALALALA~

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oh Kimak!

I feel like I am one of the stupidest student in my class :| hmm. The moral value is DO STUDY WHILE YOU HAVE TIME! I really hate PHYSICS :( Its like I don't even know about the basic thing you knowwwwwwwwwww! :'(

Monday, October 11, 2010

Pantun mode with Mr.Adel

Syed Mohd Fadzil Al-Barakbah: berapa haribulan tok? tunggu gik balas

Charmaine Garnette: hidung berhingus nak berpantun.sukati ku mpun..

Syed Mohd Fadzil Al-Barakbah: mun sekda lampu gelap,ada hingus lap

Charmaine Garnette: duit singgit k beli julap, ktk mok tlg lap?

Syed Mohd Fadzil Al-Barakbah: sekda duit berpajak,sik payah jak mak seh jak..

Charmaine Garnette: kuih bulan kuih matahari,muka dh jaik apa gk hati

Syed Mohd Fadzil Al-Barakbah: dalam sungai bisik boyak,ktk sama juak

Charmaine Garnette: leput leput kmk tetak,ktk nok kepalak nak?

Syed Mohd Fadzil Al-Barakbah: jom main saham,kmk sik paham

Charmaine Garnette: ada rokok mintak hap,sapa soh ktk bengap

Syed Mohd Fadzil Al-Barakbah: ktk ya ngail ikan kaloi,ne sik paloi

Charmaine Garnette: paloi paloi iboh main, klk ktk di main

Syed Mohd Fadzil Al-Barakbah: di main?main mcm ne ya

Charmaine Garnette: batu seremban batu bertangkup, mana nok ktk sanggup

Syed Mohd Fadzil Al-Barakbah: lepas tido kta angkat,,main nak tongkat

Charmaine Garnette: ktk gk kcik, tunjok cara miak kcik

Syed Mohd Fadzil Al-Barakbah: nya kecik yala mek mintak urut

Charmaine Garnette: ckp boh sukati, kmk dh sakati

Syed Mohd Fadzil Al-Barakbah: ktk tok la tinggal rh seberang,ya baruk sebarang

Charmaine Garnette: hutan rimba penuh rimau, kmk tumbok ktk mau?

Syed Mohd Fadzil Al-Barakbah: eboh jak la rimau udah mek buru

Charmaine Garnette: gunung ledang gunung berhantu, sikcemburu punnn

Syed Mohd Fadzil Al-Barakbah: mmg saya suroh kamo cemburu ka sekda kan ka

Charmaine Garnette: ikan tilapia ikan kerapu, kau memang suka merapu

Syed Mohd Fadzil Al-Barakbah: sukahati aku la mok merapu,kau ya jak penyapu

Charmaine Garnette: penyapu merapu, kau ku cakar k garpu

Syed Mohd Fadzil Al-Barakbah: main garpu,,apuu

Charmaine Garnette: rambut bertakak kaler kelabu, ketiak kau bau

Syed Mohd Fadzil Al-Barakbah: nama saya rant,pa guna deodorant

Charmaine Garnette: bau deo ng kuat tapi ketiak kau gk kuat

Syed Mohd Fadzil Al-Barakbah: mmg kuat maklumla mek org kan bodybuilder

Charmaine Garnette: paku tekan dh berkarat kau ng keparat

Syed Mohd Fadzil Al-Barakbah: paku berkarat aku cabut,kau nang bau kentut

Charmaine Garnette: kuih donut kuih cucur, bulu ketiak dh cukur?

Syed Mohd Fadzil Al-Barakbah: of cos dh cukor lak nya melambai2 org lain

Charmaine Garnette: hahahahahahaha.udhh gk ehh.lelahh dh kmk pk.

Syed Mohd Fadzil Al-Barakbah: tiap hari pergi gudang,ne sik jadi otak udang.hahhaha.okay2.adel mng

Charmaine Garnette: tanduk kerbau tanduk kijang, sama samalah menang

Syed Mohd Fadzil Al-Barakbah: hari2 membeli belah,dh kalah polah mcm kalah

Charmaine Garnette: kayu api di belah belah, sikda aku nak ngalah

Syed Mohd Fadzil Al-Barakbah: makan angin makan begedil,kalah jak la adel


Its raining again and again :(

Its been 3 days or more I guess Miri City keeps on raining. I don't know why. Rain makes me feel sleepy and lazy for sure. Today, I have my Biology and Physics paper 3 exam. Everything is doing fine because I've read some of the questions in Score A+ and Longman books before the exam start but it just help me a little bit only because I can see trough the papers when Im making a quick revision. I AM DREAMING! haha. uselesssss -.-' my eyes can't stop 'berkedip kedip'. I dont know why :( sakit tau. very very irritating. uhhh.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I want everything to get back to normal. When you always there by my side. When you have time to spend with me. When you always ask do I am doing well. When you show your love. I miss all those memory but.. I know. You have so many others stuffs to do right? Don't worry. I understand. At least do something that does not make me feel like you are leaving me have someone else *sigh

Semakin menjauh

hmm. I dont know why I have this feeling. Its like we are getting drifted apart. Maybe its just my feeling or maybe its true. I dont know and I dont have any idea. Oh God, show some sign for me :|


Im hoping for something that can surprise me today! I don't know what is that but please make this date meaningful for me :/ haha. paloi naa juak aku tok.apa ka mok di hope aku ya? some miracles maybe? hahaha

Friday, October 8, 2010

People change?

Yes. People do change. maybe because of the influence people around them, environment, time, situations and other factors. hmm. But don't ever you forget who was loyal to stick with you all the time. Will be there for you when you are laughing, crying, not in mood, in problems and when you are bored. Do appreciate all the person who will lend their ears hear to all your problems, offering their shoulder when you are crying, willing to hugs you when you are in your hardest moment. Those people are your strength. Don't ever deny it because without them you are just another looser and labelled as BACKSTABBER! Backstabber are the useless people in this world. Taking advantages are bad too. I hate it when people say that you are important for them but they don't really mean it. Don't even ask do you doing fine today. hmm. I don't know what to say. Fikir fikirlah. Jangan suka memanfaatkan orang lain. SAKIT HATI OKAY!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Sekarang di dalam list followers saya sudah ada 102 orang! Awww~ terima kasih kepada semua yang mengikuti perkembangan blog saya :D Love yahhh ♥

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Kenapa masih ada orang yang dapat bahagia di atas penderitaan orang lain? As an educated person, show yourself are an educated person. Don't behaving like a cannibal. You looks suck okay? You think it's cool? NOT AT ALL OKAY! I know you think you are matured enough but the fact is NO YOU ARE NOT! Your ways of thinking still a little girl ways okay? Learn to accept the fact eventhough its hurt but thats the best for everyone especially for yourself. Don't live in dream because when you are awake you will feels empty and stupid. Don't hope too much in a relationship because you can't predict whats coming up next. Living in love life is like sailing in the middle of the sea. Sometime the winds blow softly and sometime it can blow violently. Better we suffer from diseases pain than love pain because disease have its own medicine and ways to cure it but love.. we have to figure out the way out by ourself, find the ways to cure our own broken heart and ways to forget all those sweet memory which has turn into a black memory when we break up. Wasn't it too hard? hmm. Love matter are too complex and advance right? No books or professor can solve any problem regarding to love matter. Only quote can really expressed our feeling. Behave yourself. Don't ever looks down on others because you yourself dont like if people looks down on you right. Don't ever feels happy when the people that you hate are in problem because its cruel you know. Even you hate them but its not a good attitude you want to show to the public. What would people think about you? Laughing when people are sad? It's devil works. Are you one of the member of the Satan group? If not, stop acting like one of them.

Monday, October 4, 2010

sangat menyesal :(

setelah di "brain wash" oleh yatie baru saya sedar. hmm. but its too late. what should I do? :'( In the first place, I never regret to know you because I never met a person like you. If just I do not put a piece of hope on you this things would not happen. I know what I've done is wrong but my eyes are blind that time. I AM SO SELFISH for that very moment. I admit that. After few incidents that happen I start to realize who really I am for you. MERAMPAS KEBAHAGIAAN ORANG LAIN is so not cool okay? what you will get in return is just a feeling called REGRET! omgggggggg. I never attempt any what-I-regret-now before because it is not me. I do not do that because I don't want to do that things on me either! I will try to keep away from you now to give some space for both of us to think what are we mean for each of us. I'm sorry if I cant hold my promise to you before. This is for our goodness :')