Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Today is the last day Im wearing my school uniform. ohhhh. so sad. should I? hahaha. I prefer to be alone because I wanna take some time to refresh back my memories that I have in the school. OMG! Im gonna miss school A LOT! :'( there is so many things that I've learnt from the school. Memories is a things that money cant buy. my schoolmates especially my classmates, IM GONNA MISS YOU GUYS A LOT AND A LOT AND ALOT!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


now I know what is going wonder.people say everything happen for a reason and I know why is this happening.It is better if you are telling the truth instead of letting them to figured it out by their-self.maybe this is your game.good job.huhhh.there is no more second chance must go on!:D

Blogging Time ♥

Its been a long time that I didn't update my blog.yahhh.kinda of busy with my stuffs as a SPM candidates but now I am done with last!hmmm.I dont have any idea to talk,I decided to accomplish my task given by BABYDARL.want to know what it is?check it out by yourself ;p


1.My full name is Charmaine family called me biewah *kinda weird right?nothing to do with my real name and I dont know where the name come from* some of my friends cant pronouns my name in the right way to pronouns it --' pity me.haha.whateverlah.I dont really mine about that.You all supposed to pronouns my name in this way 'SHA-MEN' but I preferred my name to be written in this way 'chamen'.I have my chinese name too but I cant write chinese :| hahaha.okay.I'll stop here.too much description about the name. HAHAHA

2.This year on 29 Nov officially I am 17 years old.I've for sit SPM and I have done with not ask about how is SPM progress going because I dont have any idea how to answer it.LETS THE RESULT SPEAK FOR ME :D haha.I've celebrate my birthday this year with my closest friends only because SPM is in progress and Im sitting for Mathematics paper on my birthday.Wasnt it great?Luckily I love Maths.haha

3.Actually I have 5 siblings including me.I am the eldest one ut my youngest sister is adopted by my auntie which is my mom's younger sister.My mom give my younger sister to my auntie because she cannot pregnant again after her womb is removed by the doctor and she only have one son.we still see each other like almost everyday.she know the truth btw.she is just 10 years old.the second one is 15 years old.sitting for PMR this year.she is a lil bit weird from me and my lil sister because we does not look alike.It doesnt mean that she is adopted.she has a pair of big brown eyes and her attitude is just so SPONTANEOUSNESS!you know.make people laughhhh because of I dont know whether she is making jokes or her stupidity.haha.the third one is look a lil bit like me.she is 14 years old.have a lot of admirer at to laugh for nothing.she just laugh like she never laugh.she is also a coward because she afraid of things that she shouldnt be scared of such as cats,dogs and to sleep.will not give response when you call out her name.just like a statues and that always challenge my patience!haha.the fourth is a boy.he is freaking annoying and I hate it.he love to make people angry.sometime I wanna kick his ass to keep his mouth shut --' he is 12 years old and kinda of playboy!haha.but too MANJAK!cant be tease at all.haha

4.I am kelabit mix with kayan. My dad is kelabit while my mom is kayan. I do not talk in kelabit because I cant speak kelabit.poor me.haha.I do speak kayan but so,our family communicate with each other with mixed languages such as kayan,bm and bi.

5.FRAGILE mean a lot for me. Its not as fragile as its name okay. fragile is my group to be specific, my best friends ever and ever group. without friend we are nothing. my bff is so so loving,caring and sometime annoying.hahaha.the fragile members is YZ,BA and JM.Faddy is also my bff for sure *faddy looks like Justin Bieber okay* hahaha

6.I live in Taman Tunku,Miri,Sarawak,Malaysia

*I am not really good in describing myself*

7.Im 'kinda' a friendly person.SOMETIME.dependssss!haha.but most of the time yes I do.

8.very talkactiveeeee and I think I cant stop talking maybe especially when it come to gossips and hot news.haha.who want to miss those hot news either right? to stare at something or someone while Im thinking.I dont know why I do that maybe to find some inspiration*

10.always say out something loud when I think there is something wrong till people in my class labelled me as a mean what?

11.when I am hungry or sleepy my mood is swinging like hurricane just pass,better watch out!

12.really hate books,exercises and notes but I dont know how I can passed for my exammmm.MIRACLES maybe.haha

13.I have a long black hair and I dont know what to do with it.either I coloured it or just make it curl *any suggestion?* but I love my hairrr.hmmmm.I use head and shoulder and knee shampoo.hahaha

14.I do not use any make up,lotion,cream or so what ever.I just wash my face with GERVENNE facial wash only.other than that NO.I only make up when I will attend dinner,whenever I like and when yatie want to touch up me :D


16.I think I love all the colour but I love PINK the most for sure!

17.I love the way I live nowwwww ♥

18.If I laugh I will slap someone shoulder because I love to do so.It make me feels relief and happy.haha

19.when I am frustated,I will not cry easily but having a nap for a wile and when I wake up I can laughhhhh as loud as I can just like I have no problem at all. for me its great because I dont have to get stressed for unnecessary stuffs.thats why I can break up easily.when we decide to splits, I just say yes then I heart feeling at all right?DO I CAREEE?

20.I can drive automatics car,manual cars,motorcycle,bicycle and fly an aeroplane?haha.the aeroplane is not yet and will never be because I have a bad sight :( I can ride a motorcycle when I was 12 years old if I am not dad teach me.In form 2 I guess,both of my parents teach me how to drive car.thank youu mom and dad.I've drive all the way to limbangggg :D I will enroll for course in order taking driving licence in this month maybe.I hope I will make it and pass on my first attempt for the table test!I've broke my legs when I am in the kindergarten because Ive involved in an accident.Now,I can walk freely without using any stick :D

21.talking craps,nonsense and make people feels annoyed thats my job but in the same time I can be a good listener and adviser *sometimeee* but I prefer talking rather than listeningggg. hahaha

22.I wear what ever I think suits me and I do not looks like idiot when Im using it ;p

23.I hate it when people critics me at the back.telling the truth is much more better compare to being such a hypocriteeeeeeeeeee person.if you feels unsatisfied,then just confronts me.we discuss it a good way :D

24.Double cheese burger is my favouriteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee burge so do the big apple's donuts.I love to eat when I am stressed and I eat alot.haha not wear highs because I cant walk with highs.maybe I gonna falls downnnnnnn.haha.prefer wedges than heels.

27.I dont not get angry with people if they do not messed up with my your own life because life is too short to be wasted :)

28.I hate liars.I cant take any bullshit.

29.I hope that my life is just like all the story in the fairytale as it end with happy ending ever after.

30.I am single because I am not married yet but not available because I am not ready to fall in love and hurted by love again.It just to early to think about this thing.Lets just enjoy each moment of your life by giving a shot to achieve your dreams and wishes :D

Thats all I guess.hahaha