Saturday, November 20, 2010

Started to missing school :|

Hmm. eventhough for Form 5 students school are not over yet but its coming to end now. There will never be another second chance to study in the same school, same friends, same teachers, same memories and etc. Im gonna miss a lot of things that I ever done in my school. After Im done with my last paper, EST which is on the 15th December, I am not gonna sit on my white plastic chair, sleep on my table which wrapped with world map, gossiping with my friends, fighting with the boys in my class, learn to speaking in chinese with my chinese friends, rush to the canteen when it is recess time, sit at our besties usual table in the canteen, go to the Koperasi and get some winter melon drink, eat french fries + nasi lemak + chicken wings, laugh loudly when we make jokes until all of the people in the canteen suddenly silent and stare at us, walk together to the class, say goodbye when I reach my class, queue up when it time to go back home, stands in front of the school gate waiting for the car, teased by Zaid which have syndrome down and use my school uniform for sureeeeeee :(


ahmad endo said...

u miss don't miss u...hehehe