Saturday, November 13, 2010

Stop with all those hater in your heart ♥

As a human, we cant stop to hate someone. same goes to me. if we can think clearly, there is no use to hate each other. I've think about this matter within this few months and I still cant figure out the main point why those clever students in my class cant stop to underestimate the other. your brain are well educated but your attitude is not. you all like to talk shit and make fun of the other. its just like you dont have any other jobs to do. I didn't say that you cant talk about someone but talking about someone that never disturb our life is so not okay. You are brave enough to do it then you should brave enough to get confronted with that person if they ask for your explanation. Don't be such a coward. Do not do something if you cant handle or face the consequence after you do it. be a responsible human which will finish the things that they started. come on lah. people, dont do something that will ruin your life :) easily, just say sorry and forgive someone right away. you wont lose anything. be positive all the time because that is the best you can be :D