Monday, October 31, 2011

I should be happy or the other way round?

hmmmmm.. ive got offer from Politeknik, Kuching to further my study in Petrokimia course. Of course I should be happy for this one but .. I have to register on 19 November thats mean that I'll miss my Christmas celebration this year due to only 2 days holiday like FOR REAL? plus this year Christmas's celebration is totally different because we are celebrating it at my mom's hometown for the first time. FIRST TIME man! hmmmm so sad :'( I bet 100% that I will be homesick like really sick. even now I can feeeeeel the loneliness that I'll faced there. Oh God :'( sometime I feels like arhh.. no need to study la i also working now fyi and the salary is quite good but what to do.have to be an obedient daughter right * sarcastic*  whatever it is life must go on. hope that I can get used to STUDENT life again *finger cross* will be far awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay from my families, boyfriend and for sure from my bff.. gila gila gila *crying hard* 3 years to survive at people's place. hope that I will doing great in my study. chaiyok chaiyokkkkk!