Sunday, November 28, 2010

Early in the morning or late in the night?

Its 1.56 am and Im not sleeping yet because just done doing my revision and some exercises for Mathematics and Additional Mathematics because I was told to do so by someone --' hahaha. thanks for the remembering me. tho I am totally exhausted because of unnecessary activities and wasting my precious time which I can do a lot of useful things instead of hanging out with my friends but I have to do some quick revision right? haha. I am so shocked that I've received a phone call from someone that I did aspect to get. hahaha. Raffy Raffy, too early to wish me birthday la. havent yet. hahaha. its okay at least you remember right? hahaha. today is sunday yesterday is saturday. I know you cant wait to finish all of the papers right but do not fast forward the time because I am still struggling to do my last revision for physics okay! hahaha. thanks btw for the phone call. its been a time that I didnt get an update about you. SPM right? I understand.

Talking about Physics, I am so weak in that subject. I dont know what to do. No interest at all. I dont know anything about physics but I've passed for all the exam in my school. hahaha. such a miracles. I hope Im doing great for Physics. Aminnnn! :D

Few hours to go then I am officially SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD! hahaha. I am sitting for my Mathematics papers on my birthday. Isnt it great? --' my mom say, wish that you will get A for Maths then for your birthday wish. Do I have to do that? I have a lot of wishes to be wish on my birthday such as I wish that I get what I want ALWAYS, I wish that my life is ALWAYS great, I wish that my bestfriends will ALWAYS stick together, I wish that I will get my license as soon as possible, I wish that Im doing great in what ever I do and so many moreeee. hahaha. Greedy isnt it? Do I care? Its nothing to do with you all :p

Talking nonsense early in morning to make my eyes sleepy but still.. my eyes is still fresh --' what should I do then? hahahahaha.thats all for today. Thank you :D