Sunday, November 7, 2010


semakin hairan dengan perangai ORANG ORANG itu. memang tarak guna punya! lu mok nganok agak agak laaaaaaa weii! mun BERANI glk agak la mkorgggg. pdh dpnnn dpnnn nok taorg ya sikpuas hati w mkorgg. mkorg tok sikpnahh pun gago dgnn masalah taorg yaaaaaa. SUDDENLY NOW SUMAAAA MOK BERBUNYI SAMPE BERGAMBAR FUCK FOR MY BESTFRIENDDDD. wowwwwww! amazinggg. dont you know that taking a picture for someone is like you appreciating that personn. take a look at mirror before you wanna talk shit about my friends. she have pimples is nothing to do with your life. I saw a huge one on your face and I just shut up because I know Im wasting my time to talk about your pimples. do you have a measuring tape? come, take some measurement on your body and my friend's body. WHO IS FATTERRRR! OBSESSION is a trouble you know. wasting your time, money, energy and emotion. if you have the chance to date the artist then I salute you and Im gonna lick your ass you know. all of you guys doing now is useless because they dont even know that you really exist on this earth! omggggg :O STUPID NEVER FINISH! come on la. hey girl, you better find some jobs to pay back all of your expenses that my friend's family have spend on you. you is just like SI TANGGANG! fuhhhhhh. people still can say HAI to you but you are giving a-piece-of-shit looks? such a great work! people out there, use your brain not your ass to think okay!

p/s : do leave your name when you comment in my friend's chatbox. Show some braveness in your actionnnn. we know who are you btw!