Monday, November 8, 2010


Hello! I knew it already! hahaha. another un-matured girls. if you do not like us just show it. you don't have to pretend and treat us like we are your friends. Secret can't be keep for a long time if you are sharing the secret with a wrong person. backstabber are everywhere and anywhere. they can exist as your enemies, neighbour and even your friends. so, better watch out if you wanna make friends. PALAT FRIENDS is all around the world. maybe your friends never betray you but you the one who betray them. that make you such a stupid person that ever live on this earth because you can't appreciate people who love and respect you. for those haters, I know who you are. I can feels the bad atmosphere when you are around. I can see through your eyes when you are staring at me. I can feels your heart is beating vigorously when Im having a good time with a special person. Now, nothing can brings me down because I think using my brain not like certain people who have been through SPM but acting like a children. I don't really get it. haiyaaaaaaa! get some banana bitch because you are just like a monkey when you acting that way! OPPSSSSYY! did I just say it? OMG! thats great. hahaha ;p