Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Kenapa masih ada orang yang dapat bahagia di atas penderitaan orang lain? As an educated person, show yourself are an educated person. Don't behaving like a cannibal. You looks suck okay? You think it's cool? NOT AT ALL OKAY! I know you think you are matured enough but the fact is NO YOU ARE NOT! Your ways of thinking still a little girl ways okay? Learn to accept the fact eventhough its hurt but thats the best for everyone especially for yourself. Don't live in dream because when you are awake you will feels empty and stupid. Don't hope too much in a relationship because you can't predict whats coming up next. Living in love life is like sailing in the middle of the sea. Sometime the winds blow softly and sometime it can blow violently. Better we suffer from diseases pain than love pain because disease have its own medicine and ways to cure it but love.. we have to figure out the way out by ourself, find the ways to cure our own broken heart and ways to forget all those sweet memory which has turn into a black memory when we break up. Wasn't it too hard? hmm. Love matter are too complex and advance right? No books or professor can solve any problem regarding to love matter. Only quote can really expressed our feeling. Behave yourself. Don't ever looks down on others because you yourself dont like if people looks down on you right. Don't ever feels happy when the people that you hate are in problem because its cruel you know. Even you hate them but its not a good attitude you want to show to the public. What would people think about you? Laughing when people are sad? It's devil works. Are you one of the member of the Satan group? If not, stop acting like one of them.