Monday, October 4, 2010

sangat menyesal :(

setelah di "brain wash" oleh yatie baru saya sedar. hmm. but its too late. what should I do? :'( In the first place, I never regret to know you because I never met a person like you. If just I do not put a piece of hope on you this things would not happen. I know what I've done is wrong but my eyes are blind that time. I AM SO SELFISH for that very moment. I admit that. After few incidents that happen I start to realize who really I am for you. MERAMPAS KEBAHAGIAAN ORANG LAIN is so not cool okay? what you will get in return is just a feeling called REGRET! omgggggggg. I never attempt any what-I-regret-now before because it is not me. I do not do that because I don't want to do that things on me either! I will try to keep away from you now to give some space for both of us to think what are we mean for each of us. I'm sorry if I cant hold my promise to you before. This is for our goodness :')