Friday, October 8, 2010

People change?

Yes. People do change. maybe because of the influence people around them, environment, time, situations and other factors. hmm. But don't ever you forget who was loyal to stick with you all the time. Will be there for you when you are laughing, crying, not in mood, in problems and when you are bored. Do appreciate all the person who will lend their ears hear to all your problems, offering their shoulder when you are crying, willing to hugs you when you are in your hardest moment. Those people are your strength. Don't ever deny it because without them you are just another looser and labelled as BACKSTABBER! Backstabber are the useless people in this world. Taking advantages are bad too. I hate it when people say that you are important for them but they don't really mean it. Don't even ask do you doing fine today. hmm. I don't know what to say. Fikir fikirlah. Jangan suka memanfaatkan orang lain. SAKIT HATI OKAY!