Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hello :D

Waduh waduhh lama sudah saya tidak mengupdate blog saya ini.rinduuuuu.bukan sombong atau apa.saya tidak mempunyai kesempatan.busy la konon tek.hahaha.oh my oh my.tak tahu nak blabling pasal apa kali ni.hmmmmmmm.

So far so good for this year.I've met few person who has made my day :D but always distance is a matter for me. yahhhhh. mestikah jaoh jaohhhh? aishh. suka alu aku gyaaa. Setelah bergelar lepasan SPM ni rasa macam free sangat untuk mengasah bakat ku untuk mencapai cita cita ku yang terulung. fyi, my biggest ambition is to be PERFECT FULL TIME HOUSE WIFE! best sik?haha.but mistake laa Im not so good in cooking matter but will improve it later.hihihi.

March is approching soon. O-M-G! result for spm keluar la babe! gila babeng jak. neberous habisssss aku. aiehh. time spm leka alu jak lepak buang masa shisha pa ndah. bkn ny nak study. tapi apa boleh buat. sudah terlanjur nasi menjadi bubur ayam fav ku. how I miss going back to my old life as a student :( everything is fun for me. I hope my result is not that bad so I can place myslef in a good school so that I will not waste too much of my time on studying. haha

My plan is to pass table test for driving licence at the first attempt so that I do not have to repeat test for few time. wasting time and money. when I have my license I can go anywhere I want to. hahaha. looking for job? not at this moment. I love wake up late in the morning and stay up till late in the night. hihihi.

I dont really love it when people start to hate us for no reason. I know sometime we are too much. do not take it too serious till you put us in your BENCI-SAMPAI-MATI list hahaha *adalah?* but I know the limits. Im sorry if hurt you guys maaf zahir dan batin hahaha kidding but I reallt mean it okay?

Stop acting like a so-not-laku-girl when you fighting for a guy which you dont really know his heart is in your hands or not. better dont get involved with this matter. you holding on something that you dont even know whether its ypur or no and letting go something that almost yours. uselesss because once you get dumped like a rubbish then you'll regret and do not waste your time regreting on your mistake because life is too short to be filled with regretness. enjoy your life as life is only once. live today like tommorow never come *cewahh* hahaha


I'll stop here because I have no idea to write any longer. will update my blog when Im free. tatatututititoto hahahaha :D