Friday, August 20, 2010


I love all my friends. Eventhough some of them are back stabber but I just dont care~ ada aku kesah? haha. Friends are everything for me. I love my besties a lot. They are like my own siblings you know. Siti Nurhayati, Macollynna Padan Iyama, Nurazuria bt Ahmad and Farah Dina aka Faddy are my soul. I cant live without them. Hahahaha. I can live without handphone, laptop, television but not without them. They make my day. Besties, I LOVE YOU ALL♥


BabyDarl ❤ said...

wah, terharu lah, i love you too maine!:)

Charmaine Garnette said...

I love you more sayang :D

Yuna HMNordin said...

hello charms! i may be a stranger to you. hehe. i like your blog. baby's and yatie's too :)

keep on updating. this post is awwww-sweeet :')
ps.i have a picture of you & your 3 bestfriends in my wallet. yatie gave it to me before she left brunei :) xx

Charmaine Garnette said...

Hello Yuna. You are not stranger. I know you. okay okay. Thanks yahh. XOXO :D